Leelee Macdonell

I adore patterns and textures — the busier, the better!

Leelee Macdonell - Artist/Designer - Toronto

That's me on the beach in Florida in February 2018. I'm a visual artist and designer. I create alluring surface designs for product development in the interior decor, apparel, and gift and stationery markets.

Surface design can transform something ordinary into something sensational. When I see a pattern or design on an object, wall, furniture, or stationery, it fills me with a child-like enchantment that is immensely satisfying. I look to bring joy to mine, and other people's lives through surface pattern design. I would describe my current style as Bohemian, with playful and chic qualities. Nature and its infinite beauty inspire me. My work is often abstract with curving lines and organic shapes.

I’m originally from Cape Town, South Africa, and have lived in Taiwan, Thailand, United States, and Canada. I currently reside in Toronto with my husband, two cats and several plants (55 to be exact).