Saralene Tapley

8 Mar, 2019

According to my Instagram feed, today is apparently International Women’s Day, and I’m here to tell you about an inspiring artist who is a woman and happens to be quite international. I love celebrating women, especially other female artists. Friends, meet Saralane Tapley. Saralene and I first met at school in Taiwan. She was a…

Leelee Macdonell, graphic artist and designer based in Toronto, Canada. Photo by Shannon Laliberte.

Unapologetically Me

3 Mar, 2019

I have an orchid in my amateur collection I call the Goddess. To be exact, it’s an Oncidium Sanguine ‘Celtic Goddess’. I bought it at an exotic plant show and sale at Allan Gardens in the Spring of 2017. It was remarkable. Two tall stems of 10 bright yellow flowers with delicate frilled edges that…

The Joy of Collecting Postcards

30 Nov, 2018

I can’t remember exactly when my love affair with postcards began. The joy of collecting them advanced to a passion after my family moved from South Africa, our home country, to Taiwan in 1989. I loved sending picture cards home to friends and family, giving them a glimpse of where I had been. Many times…

Artist Deborah Farquharson in her Mulmur art studiol

Deborah Farquharson

14 Nov, 2018

A year ago, through a mindset coach, I became acquainted with an amazing Canadian artist, Deborah Farquharson, who splits her time between Mulmur and Toronto in Ontario. Deborah has become a wonderful source of inspiration and joy for me. She’s the first in my blog’s series of Artist/Maker Q&As. After seeing an exhibition of Deborah’s…

Leelee, smiling, standing behond her desk in her studio in Toronto.

Changing The Way I Think

12 Nov, 2018

Most of my “problems” in life, if not all, are a consequence of the way I am thinking. “Problems”, in quotes, because sometimes what I think is a problem really isn’t a problem at all. The idea that we can change our life, our results, by changing our thinking is not new. I don’t know…

Cloudy Sky Blue Inspiration

For the Love of Blue

21 Oct, 2018

Blue is my favourite colour. It’s iconic, stylish, elegant and entrancing. I begin many of my designs in blue before transferring them to the computer. When you dig beneath the surface of one of our most beloved colours you find a fascinating history. The word “blue” was absent from human languages until the ancient Egyptians found…