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Nova Scotia Coastal Colour Inspiration

14 July, 2018

Colour, texture and mood inspiration from a road trip to Nova Scotia a few years ago. Most of these photos were taken near Lunenburg, Rose Bay, I believe. There is a darling group of cottages there, Salty Rose, where I stayed for a few nights. Highly recommended. “My soul is full of longing for the…

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From Leelee, with love: classic correspondence cards

16 February, 2018
Handwriting a note is an art that brings out the best in both those who create it and those who look at it.

I haven’t done much blogging, but I love to write notes. Somehow it is easier for me to get my words out when I’m writing to a dear friend rather than a blog post on the world wide web. So here, in this online journal, I picture myself writing to a friend, and feel comfortable…

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