Using the power of patterns to convey the enchangment of life.

Let’s Collaborate


We’re all craving something original.
It’s time to let go of the variations on the same tired themes we see everywhere.

Let’s embrace creativity over conformity,
embrace self-expression over mimicking the competition,
embrace the fearless courage to follow our intuition,
make our own statement,
and choose pieces that make us feel ALIVE.

Patterns give us the power to
express our individuality,
live out our imagination,
and connect with the enchantment of life.

Together we can explore all the patterns and possibilities.

My designs capture the intensity of life through colour and pattern.
The layers of emotions and experiences that are at once intimate, diverse and universal.
When these elements are brought together, they make life exciting, seductive and mysterious.

Let's co-create bold, extraordinary experiences.

Leelee Macdonell, graphic artist and surface designer showing work In progress

The perfect pattern can...

  • Add a pop of vibrant personality to any space you’re styling.
  • Add fun, funky accents to any event that you’re planning.
  • Create stationery that makes a statement because bold ideas deserve a striking container.
  • Discover a playful, flowing and fearless pattern for your daring new collection.
  • Create packages that are bright, alluring and begging to be opened with vivid designs that can’t be missed.

Let's bring your vision to life.

Hi, I’m Leelee, an artist with over 20 years experience as a graphic designer. I believe patterns have the power to convey the enchantment in life. And I believe everyone deserves to surround themselves with pieces that recharge them, ignite their imagination and spark a connection.

Let's Collaborate

If you’d like to…

  • License existing patterns for product development in fashion, stationery, interior design or decor
  • Create custom patterns for fabrics, wallpapers, gift wrap, rugs/carpets, bedding, clothing, accessories or stationery
  • Create murals or wall art for your office, art gallery or restaurant
  • Design stationery for menus, invitations, name cards, correspondence, etc.
  • Need the perfect accents to set the stage for an event, home, set design, hotel or cottage
  • Or you have another idea for how you’d like to collaborate

Let’s create bold, fearless designs that make people feel alive.